Building Links with Images

Image optimization is one of the most powerful techniques for getting visitors and generating revenue for your blog. Once you have understood the basics of image optimization, you will be confident enough to manage the images. People get more attractive to images than texts. Images which are catchy help the visitors to read and research more on the topic. There are different types of image optimization techniques for the better ranking of your websites. Even if you have a gallery of say more than fifty images, each f the image must get the wanted importance in the world of internet. If you want to get amazing photos, you need to have a good photographer to get photos in short time. Some of the professional photographer may need extra amount of money from their photos. But there are other options of hiring pro-amateur photographer which can be got from a cheaper price. Now a days many cheap cameras are also available in the market, which helps yourself in collecting good photos. Key points to keep in mind on image optimization:
  • Go for cost effective ways to create a library of photos
  • Research for highly desirable images having great link building
  • Build single page targeted only for image optimization
  • Make operations as self service as possible.
  • Look for high quality images
  • Update the images at regular intervals
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