Choosing a Landing Page Tool while setting up a Local PPC Campaign

Structuring a PPC Campaign is very important for any business, irrespective of how big or small it is. This post can be helpful to make a local PPC campaign easy and successful. Choosing the right kind of tools can be of great help if you are trying to streamline the campaign building process. Mostly the landing page creation seems to be a time-consuming and expensive task. First step is choosing a Landing Page Tool. Unbounce is the main threat while trying for a quick generation of nicely designed landing page. Unbounce hosts your page on their site and have different paid plans available. You can use a CNAME record for all these pages to look like they are on your domain via sub-pages or sub-domain. All of the custom domains must have a CNAME pointing to This is a simple process that can be done through your host thus you can track the status right from the dashboard. While setting up a new account, just go to the dashboard and create a new landing page. You can choose one of the predesigned templates for Unbounce or have an option of starting with a blank template. Next step is to customize Unbounce and this one has got a very simple interface similar to that of Photoshop. When you start generating thousands of unique visits per month Unbounce can go costly. In such situation you can have a designer start creating some custom landing pages rather than paying hundreds of dollars per month on a service like Unbounce. For those who use WordPress they can do some basic coding with Premise which is a new WordPress plugin. After some basic customization on the look and feel of your template, quickly you can generate some good looking and solid landing pages while getting copywriting advice built right in. Premise comes with a lot of custom, well designed graphics from their own in-house graphics artist. This plugin works well with almost all WordPress themes. Our Pay Per Click packages can help you to get a good online search traffic. Contact us to help create your new or existing Pay Per click strategy.