Common Mistakes While Google Adwords Campaign Setup

Google Adwords campaign is a challenging job for a starter as well as an expert if it is a new market or approaching target audience for the first time. Even if you spend hours researching on the taste of your new market, the real lessons can be learned only when you bring out an ad and focus on its results. There are also chances to make mistakes easily and some can be very expensive. The following are usual mistakes every one tend to make:
  • Writing ad copy without keywords: Many of the advertisers make the mistake of using the keywords only in the headline instead of using it inside the advertisement. Make sure that each and every ad copy you create is useful and rich with keywords.
  • Sending visitors to your site’s main page: More interest and conversion rates can be generated if the ad is redirected to a landing page that has the offer or promotion rather than just giving the website’s main page.
  • Counting on the ‘broad match’ function of the Google Adwords Keyword Selector Tool: Google Adwords Keyword Selector Tool can give only a broad idea of keywords related to your niche. To get a fine set of keywords and phrases, you check the ‘phrase match’ and ‘exact match’ features in the tool.
  • Working with poorly-performing keywords and phrases: You can’t believe that people will search the same phrases that you have used on internet. Try to make a long list of similar keywords and phrases with the use of the ‘synonyms’ feature in the Google Adwords Keyword Selector Tool to optimize your campaign.
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