Communication Ad Extensions for Google AdWords

Google has introduced Google AdWords “Communication Ad Extensions”, which already has started appearing in search results for limited queries and searchers. These new extensions are very much useful in providing additional options for the searchers to contact the advertiser which goes much beyond the click. There are options like Request Call or Request Email available for the searchers. Communication extensions are excellent but simple lead generation solution for connecting potential clients and customers (searchers) with businesses (advertisers) right from the search engine result pages. Request Call “Leads” This is one of the most exciting features especially for sales managers who yearn for phone call leads over web forms and emails. This will allow the visitor to fill out the Request call form with their phone numbers and any additional details. Google will send the advertiser/business contact person an e-mail with a special Google forwarding phone number. This makes them capable of calling the number and directly connected to the potential customer without seeing the user’s phone number. Request Email “Leads” Similar to that of Request Call option, the visitor can fill out their email address and some of the additional details, Google will send then the advertiser/business contact person an email address This will allow the advertisers to reply to the forwarding e-mail address, which Google instantly forwards on to the user. This will keep the user’s e-mail address confidential until the potential customer accepts to share. There is an additional linked option for “Provide More Details” that will enable a text area that the searcher can provide some additional details or questions. Our Pay Per Click packages can help you to get a good online search traffic. Contact us to help create your new or existing Pay Per click strategy.