Content Marketing – How you can do it right?

Back in 1996, Bill Gates predicted the significance of content on the internet and termed it as the “killer app” of the Internet in his ‘Content is the King’ essay. When he said, content is where he expects much of the real money to be made, he was decorously forecasting the online marketing. Although, many businesses understand the benefits of content marketing, they find it hard to set aside a content marketing budget, assuming it would be too expensive for them. You can start content marketing small, at minimum costs and at the initial stage you can create content by yourself. The content marketing industry is growing at a fast pace, with B2Bs spending 30% of their marketing budget alone on content marketing. However, to get the best out of your content marketing strategies, you should create informational and decision making content. You should be able to create content for:
  • Attracting buyers at all stages of the buying journey
  • Informing or educating people
  • Increasing brand awareness and credibility
  • Generating leads
  • Increasing customer acquisition and retention
  • Establishing yourself as an industry thought leader
While creating any content, you should make sure that it is unique, targeted and engaging. Unique and valuable – The internet is witnessing a content explosion and any content that is boring is dead. Create content on an original idea and in a new perspective. While writing an article, add an attractive title that will draw the attention of the reader, the content should be able to grab the attention of the reader till the end. Whether you are creating content for inforgraphic or landing page, the content should be impressive. Focusing solely on the exquisiteness of the content is not a best practice, as the value of the information might get lost. Targeted – Before you start creating the content, you should understand your target audience. Unless you understand the pain points of the audience, you won’t be able to create an informative content. Identify where the person is in the buyer’s journey. According to this, you can create informative or decision making content. You should decide what to create, a video, webinar, Ebook, Blog article or case study. Content marketing should align with your overall marketing strategy. A good content marketing strategy should include plans for email marketing, social media, article marketing, along with blogging.  For more information about the content marketing techniques, talk to our experts at 888-814-8599 now!