Creating an Effective Homepage for Your Website


A homepage is the most important page of a website as it gives the visitors the first impression about your brand. Designing a home page is critical and a lot of thought & importance should be given to it. If done well, it helps in keeping the visitors interested & even converting them in to leads. Here are few things you should know before creating a homepage.

Homepage should be in such a manner that the users  get the answers for their basic questions regarding your brand & what services you offers. It should also be simple enough to have the users perform actions based on your CTAs & other navigation buttons provided.

On an average, a website has merely 3 seconds to gain a user’s attention. So it is important to convey the quality & value of your services in just seconds. Understanding the visitors, their demographics and also anticipating their queries and expectations can help you in crafting a perfect homepage for your visitors.

Designing a home page is a time consuming task. You should make it unique with informative and attractive content. This can be achieved by maintaining the style sheet and navigation system properly.Another important thing to consider is to be selective about what you are presenting. It cannot be a complete and broad introduction to everything your company offers.

Optimizing the content of your homepage to show a few important and featured items makes it easy to read and attractive and also providing links to help visitors look deeper into your website and offerings can help you get more leads. Also using “Call to Action” statements can make it more effective.

You should come up with a design that stands out from the rest, but there are some design conventions that most users expect, which has helped businesses serve well. Some important standard design elements are.

  • Positioning the main navigation at the top of the webpage.
  • Making your name or logo a notable element
  • Making the search tool clearly visible
  • Placing the about us and contact pages links in the footer.

Taking care of the above mentioned points can definitely help create a wonderful homepage, optimized for search engines & attracts users as well!

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