Does Size Matter in a Video?

Do you know thirty seconds is the perfect time limit for TV ads, but this is not the case with the online videos? Fifteen seconds is the common time limit here. This definitely comes from the idea that people are not bothered for the longer videos and shows more interest in watching the shorter ones and can skip the ad but this one is not true always. With some of the latest studies by Freewheels, the length is not always the determining factor for the completion rate. Long form content with 20+minutes had the best completion rate regardless of the length of the ad, topping 82%. The current popular ones are the short-form content with professional content, with a completion rate of 61%. Another study showed that 50% of the people surveyed watch online videos everyday. There is also this increased opportunity with the accessibility through mobile devices to these videos. But if you look at the trend people go for interesting content in the videos generally. So you can take a break now from TV commercials gimmicks sell these days and have every chance of getting much more attention. Though you don’t have much of resource to entertain then you can definitely think of something different for your audience better or faster. For many of the people video is a new thing so you better try for something or anything. May be you can even go for a shooting on your own and upload it to YouTube for free it can bring few sales that worth. Learn how our Google Video Ads program can help your marketing campaigns with an increased ROI.
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