Effect of Google+ on SEM and Social Media

With the introduction of Google+, it is time to think about the effects of Google+ on SEM and Social Media. Google+ is extremely slick, includes outstanding functionality, and the Circles enable you to silo connections to control privacy. All of us are excited about how Google+ is going to expand, and the opportunities are easy to see (gaming, local, business profiles, ecommerce, etc.) This is just the beginning of Google taking a serious jump into Social networking and it’s exciting for digital marketers. The business impact of Google+ can be an interesting topic today. Since Google generates most of its revenue from the AdWords platform (~97%), it is a good idea to write a post about how AdWords could be incorporated into Google+. Facebook Ads and Google Social Ads Facebook has approximately 700 million members it is recently reported that Facebook will overtake Yahoo in display advertising this year. But Facebook hasn’t connected Social with Search yet. Google hasn’t either, but it could connect the two much easier than Facebook could (since it controls the largest search engine in the world) and connecting Social with Search is incredibly important to advertisers. If Google+ can attract users at scale, then it has an opportunity to marry AdWords with Social in a way that Facebook can’t. Adwords already has a huge base of advertisers, as it has ~70% market share in Search in the U.S. alone. Closing the Loop between Search and Social Currently, you can reach users searching on Google, Bing, and Yahoo via AdWords and adCenter. You can also reach users on social networks via other platforms like Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc. Both Search and Social advertising can be very powerful, but there was a missing component. That missing component was the ability to track someone from Search and then target them on Facebook. The amazing thing about Google+ is that it will enable Google to connect Search and Social, and provide advertisers a closed-loop system. Our social media marketing packages can really help you to get more audience there by more business while creating a brand impact. Call us for free consultation.