Enhance Your Adwords Campaign Using Targeting Features

‘Phrase Match’ feature in Adwords is the primary step in driving the users to your ad. This limits your ad to those searches that include your search phrases in order. To activate the ‘Phrase Match’ feature, simply enclose your search terms in quotation marks, for example, “Online Games”. Now, only those terms that includes both Online and Games in that order will be shown your ad, such as: free Online Games, Online Games for kids, etc. Another main thing to take note of is that, it’s essential to refine the distribution of ads even further by using the ‘Exact Match’ feature. This is particularly useful for increasing the click through rates of poorly performing ads. The ‘Exact Match’ feature will only display your ads when the exact search phrase is entered. The ‘Exact Match’ feature is activated once you place parentheses around your search term. In our example, the following way of searching [Online Games] will produce only the exact search term ‘Online Games’ will cause our Adwords ad to be displayed. ‘Negative Keywords’ is yet another tool. This feature merely excludes your ad from displaying along the search results of any keywords you choose. Suppose we are offering free online games we would like to use ‘paid’ as a negative keyword, thus avoiding our ad from displaying when ‘paid’ is part of the search phrase. To enable negative keywords you simply place a minus sign in front of your search term. If we need to eliminate all searches for ‘paid online games’ and ‘online games price’, our keyword list would include the following entriessuch as ‘paid’ and‘price’. These features will directly place you into a best category of Google Adwords users who have conversion rates at the top of their categories. To know more about Google Adwords at Gazelle, Please visit our Website.
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