Examine the role of Alt text for images in seizing the attention of search engines


Designing and developing a stunning website is not an easy task; but it is equally difficult to make sure that the website is optimized for search engines & users as well. SEO experts have been trying out different techniques for helping their clients achieve improved visibility & higher rankings in search engine results. Images are an important part of any website & search engines understand this. So making sure that the images in your website are well optimized, you can expect better results as search engines are always on the lookout for websites that have informative content fused with images.

The combination of optimized images with content will contribute a lot towards improving your rankings. This is where the Alt text parameter for images comes into play. So how does the Alt text for images actually help? It is quite simple and amazing!!! Alt text is used to provide an optimized description of the image which help search engines better index the images, based on the description. So how useful are these alt text in getting better visibility in search engines for user queries? Check out the benefits listed out below-
  • There are browsers that lack the ability to detect graphical contents. Here, the alt text for images proves to be useful as they provide a text description of the image.

  • Visually impaired readers are benefitted as the alt text for images provide better accessibility of the content.

  • Some users prefer to disable the images while browsing which can hinder proper navigation in web pages. In such cases, the alt text help describe the image, which can help the users with navigation & may even compel them to enable images.

  • Slow internet connection is another problem that users face, which is why some people prefer to disable the images while browsing. So providing alt text can help solve this problem as users can understand what those images are based on the alt text provided.

It is not a secret that search engines rely on the alt  text & file name  to interpret the images. The solution lies in quilting the right kind of keywords based on the image as Alt text, which can help optimize your website for visibility across search engines.

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