Facebook Open Graph- How it works?

You might have heard something about Facebook Open Graph. Most of the people think that it is some kind of trick played by Facebook to improve their overall presence in the web. But this undoubtedly provides a lot of opportunity to many of the business who have suffered on the web. Open Graph allows the site owner to place a Facebook like button on their sites. This lets the Facebook users to click on like button right on their site. For doing this the users don’t have to go to facebook once this website is being liked it shows on their wall. The site owner can send updates to all of those who have given thumbs up for his site.

Using Open Graph you can easily integrate the entire web applications with Facebook just like the way Microsoft has done with Docs.com. In simple way you can think that Open Graph API allows people to share any stuff they like with their Facebook friends without logging in to Facebook. So if you look at their advanced features it can:

  • Show different products on a particular page based on the products chosen by the visitor’s Facebook friends.
  • Show reviews from all of your the Facebook friends automatically when you visit a page.
  • Integrate comments with Facebook, so as to show the visitor’s comments on their walls too.

When you are a publication you may find difficulties to get people to visit your site and even sharing content with your friends while conserving some good essence of your brand. With Open Connect you can put a like button on any page of your site and if someone clicks on the button all of his/her friends will see it, they will also see a logo and if any of them click the link in the notification it will be directed back to your publication.

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