First steps to Analysis of Online Marketing Campaign

When the last financial crisis hit, almost all the other industries except Internet advertising market got affected. This is hugely because it arranges target expenditure of the advertising budget. There is a benefit of delivering your advertising message to a more clearly defined audience whenever they are ready to perceive it. You can even think about a more beneficial advertising channel, and also which of your ad texts / graphics / pages bring more sales. Here are some of the most important things you have to consider while building a complex analysis system of marketing effectiveness including both online and offline.

Setting up Business objectives and KPI

In any business the first and foremost thing is setting business objectives. You must define your company purposes and then divide it into departments so here are the most important departments for an online shop.

Sales must include Purchases percentage increasing, increasing of product amount in one order, increasing of an average bill of one purchase.

Marketing must include decreasing of marketing expenses for each purchase, brand awareness increasing, growth of conversion rate – turning visitors into buyers, increasing of repeated purchases amount, increasing of registrations amount, increasing of references amount in the network.

Call-Center must include increasing of handled calls amount, growth of conversion rate – turning calls into sales, consultancy time reduction, reduction of calls not related to order placing (guarantee, uptime, etc.).

Web Development should include higher pages download speed, reduction of downtime of a site, reduction of unavailable pages amount (the 404-th and other).

SEO must include increasing of visits from organic search, increasing of revenue from visitors who come from search engines etc. After that you should try on key indicators of efficiency (KPI) (material expression of your business purposes) on the basis of these purposes.


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