Give the Social Media Users What They Wish

If you are an online marketer, you know why you are using social media. But, do you really know how does your audience see social media? They may use social media to interact with their friends and family or have hobbies and many other interests besides your products to include in their social activity. So, you should think of the ways to drag their attention to your product. There are mainly three types of social media fellows:
  1. Material driven: These are people that connect with you through contests, special promotions, coupons or other promotional campaigns and their main purpose is to win prizes, get discounts, free trials, free stuff or other material benefits. To encourage such people, you can extend your promotions for a longer period of time.
  2. Impulsive: Some people follow or ‘like’ a company without much consideration. It might be after reading a post or seeing an ad they like and they don’t see this action as the start of a long term relationship. To avoid this circumstance, you can vary your content and also consider the feedbacks carefully.
  3. Informational driven: The most valuable part of your audience consists in those who see your social profile as a source of information. They are in just for some tips, tricks or for some new, hot and interesting stuff. For them, you should maintain a high quality in contents and must be updated always.
Calculate the things that can make their interest alive and avoid being ignored among all the other exciting posts on their walls. Knowing what expectations your audience has from you, is the key to engage and retain them in your social circle. We provide you guidance in social media marketing to get maximum profit for your product through social media. Call us for a free consultation.