Google Advertising Professionals Certification Program has Changed

Dear Advertising Professional, We’re writing to let you know that today we’re retiring the Google Advertising Professionals program and replacing it with a new AdWords certification program. The new program provides agencies with comprehensive, strategy-focused training and certification on the latest tools and best practices for managing AdWords accounts. Raising the bar for AdWords Certification The new AdWords Certification Program has been improved in all areas with updates to training materials, exam requirements, member eligibility and program benefits. To retain certification, you’ll have 6 months to move over to the new program. Here’s a summary of what’s new: New, comprehensive curriculum designed to improve strategic and tactical knowledge Introduction of annually refreshed advanced level exams illustrating competency in search, display, reporting and analysis To match the updated training materials, we’ve increased the exam requirements for individual qualification to two – Advertising Fundamentals and one advanced exam We’ve reset individual & company spend criteria – company spend has been reduced to a $10,000 minimum, and we’ve removed a minimum spend requirement for individual qualification Starting today, you can change your account profile settings to opt-in to the new Google Partner Search – an online, searchable directory of certified partners While we switch to the new program, there’s a six-month grace period, so if you’re currently certified you don’t need to panic – but we recommend moving to the new program as soon as you can to benefit from our improved training and new program marketing. Take the new exams for free As you’re associated with a qualified company we’d like to offer you a voucher to take two certification exams to gain individual qualification at no cost. Your personal voucher code is below and is valid through the 6 month grace period. You’ll need to enter this code when taking the exam – you can learn more about accessing the exams here. 218596847 To see all program improvements you can visit the Help Center and, as always, we’d like to hear your thoughts or ideas on how we can make the new program even better. Sincerely, Google AdWords Certification Program team 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043 You have received this mandatory email service announcement to update you about important changes to your AdWords account.
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