Google AdWords Dashboard are now Packed with more Features

Google AdWords offers people with many free tools and good features. Most people do not use it completely or some people don’t know that these things are available. The new AdWords home tab has got many benefits. The main benefit of new AdWords home tab is that the dashboard can be customized so that people can keep focus on campaign metrics which matters to each member of the team. It can be made so that account manager, CEO and marketing manager can have a unique dashboard. This helps them to quickly view and monitor their high level details.The best thing about new dashboard feature is that the already existing filters can be used again. New modules can be created using AdWords interface. AdWords interface can be used in creating and saving filters which can be added as modules and displayed on home tab. This can give a better control over the information given in dashboard. Some important filters which most accounts should have are:-
  1. Keywords over your Average CPA and CPC Rates
  2. Keywords with higher and lower average conversion rates
  3. Keywords having a lower than optimal CTR and optimal ad solution
  4. Keywords which has changed status to issues, limited or not eligible to run
These are just new filters that help in getting a better ROI and also make sure that AdWords campaigns stays conversion focused. One of the best features of these AdWords dashboard is that when the labels are filtered the modules can be minimized. The only downside of AdWords dashboard is that the information which is included in the modules is not placed into background as you do it in previous version. In the previous version you were able to see the top level performance of a campaign. We are a Google Adwords certified agency that specialize in Pay Per Click management services to get you the best ROI on your marketing spends. Call us to know how we can help your business grow.