Google AdWords Location Targeting – Things you should know.

Nowadays it is all about location, location, location! People are constantly searching for places, items and companies online and pulling information. Seriously, if you are not using location targeting to your advantage you are missing out on great opportunities. Google Adwords Ads appear based on a person’s location through their IP address and device location. Apart from that, the location targeting feature show ads based on specific interests of the person.

With Google AdWords location targeting you can easily target countries, cities, and postal codes or exclude specific geographic areas. The good news is that AdWords interface offers an easy way to target multiple locations and it offers a variety of location targeting options. The targeting options, given below can be used to your advantage.

Radius Targeting

This targeting option is really useful if you have a physical store. In order to target your audience, you need to type in your coordinates, address, or place of business and target a specified radius around the location. If you are local business, and your target audience is local people, keep the radius small (under 20 miles) and your ad will appear to people within the distance. To attract larger audiences you can choose cities or regions and even opt for multiple locations based on your needs.

Income Targeting

Demographic data allow you to target the right person. For those who have the demographics of the customer, income targeting option which is based on average household income can be used. Now you have added advantages of targeting a specific audience, from six income levels and multitude of locations. What’s the best part? The user can gather more information about their audience by using this method and after a certain period of time, advertisers can see which income levels are searching for their product. This data gives you a chance to modify your targeting to your benefit.

Location Extensions

Get shoppers into your store by taking advantage of location extensions. Once the location extension is enabled you can witness an average 10% increase in clickthrough rate. Those who search get more information about your business, address, phone number, and map location. Provision to add multiple location extensions allow users to view the closest store.

Bid Adjustments

Some campaigns outperform others over time, and you would need to optimize the campaigns by implementing bid adjustments by location. Increase bids on high performing locations to increase conversions at a low cost per lead, while make lower bid adjustments on poor performing locations to effectively manage your advertising budget. AdWords allows users to raise or lower bids from -90% to +900%.


You should exclude the locations that are not performing well and eating into your advertising budget. However, at first you need to analyze the poorly performing locations by lowering their bid adjustments.

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