Google AdWords: The Advantages

The AdWord platforms are used to reduce the time-consuming daily tasks. Automated rules are for Ad Groups and Ads Keywords and it is not for display network, Ad Extensions, remarketing. Automated rules are used for mainly 3 types of common changes that users generally perform on their accounts. There are status changes, bid changes and budget changes.

AdWords Automated rules are suitable for those working with a bid management platform. It is also used to measure the clicks, impressions and conversions. People who would start using the Google’s Automated Rule are those who are using entry level Bid Management platforms like PPC BidMax. But the use of a bid management platform is advised for the automation of reports. Making reports from Google Adword requires extra works to be done by the user.

Rules are made to manage the user’s accounts. But if the AdWords platforms are on maintenance, no changes will be made, but a bid management platform could retry later. The product is not scalable; the rules expire after one year. If there are many elements to be evaluated, the rule will not apply. There is a limit of having only 10 active users per account. Only one time a day, could we apply the rules, whereas we could do many times using the bid management platform, even if a team of AdWord has created tips to help, it is not known how to undo.

You can see a preview of all the keywords, ads or ad groups that the rule will be applied to. On looking the log of automated rules, you could monitor when they ran. It also shows the changes made.

You can contact your AdWords account manager for performing your account a beta test, if it is not visible in your account.

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