Google Algorithm Changes and SEO Campaigns

Google changes its search algorithm up to 600 times per year. Most of these changes are minor, however once in a while Google rolls out major change in algorithm that could significantly affect the search results. The recent changes in their algorithm seek some alteration in SEO practices.

Snippets in Google search results are going to be with more page content and less header content. This change is likely to display actual page content rather than title or header contents in the snippet. It is going to change SEO approach as it demand valuable content that relates to the search terms that Google users would enter to reach your site.

Google has decided to take into account anchor texts of links that point to a website to choose a page title to display. However they consider duplicated links as irrelevant. Thus SEO practitioners should aim at building relevant links as one relevant keyword is more efficient than hundred irrelevant keywords.

The most recent change in Google algorithm is going to drop sites with excessive above the fold ads. Hence it is recommended to avoid banner advertising for SEO promotion as it might not be as effective as it was before. Keep up with the changes in algorithm and act accordingly for an effective SEO campaign.

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