Google Confirms Algorithm Update Is about Relevance, Not Quality

Google Confirms Algorithm Update Is about Relevance, Not Quality

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Google’s John Mueller revealed that the algorithm update from March 7th had less to do about targeting low quality sites, and more about content relevance.

During a Google Webmaster Hangout on April 6th, Mueller was asked about what happens to websites that were hit by the March quality update. Specifically, what happens to the sites that generate quality content and are now getting scraped after the update, while other scraper sites are now ranking higher in the SERPs.

Mueller clarified that the latest Google algorithm update is focused on relevance. This means if a site’s rankings were affected by last month’s update, it is not because a website’s content is low quality. He further explained that regardless of how high quality the content is, many sites lose relevance over time.

You can watch Mueller’s full response here:

“…a lot of the updates we make are focused more on relevance, and less on overall quality.

This doesn’t mean it’s a bad site, that’s something that just happens over time. Even though there is really high quality content, it’s not seen as relevant in the overall picture of the web over time.”

If your site was negatively affected by the latest Google algorithm change, he suggests:

“…(getting) objective feedback from your users on how they feel about your website, and to figure out what you could be doing differently.

With a lot of these changes in traffic, I also still recommend going over all of the technical details. This includes: Can we index your content properly? Can we crawl all of your content?”

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