Google Chrome Extensions to Make Your Browsing Productive and Enjoyable

If you are a person who uses Google Chrome as your default browser, it is obvious that you must have thought about the extensions that this browser offers! Google Chrome, that made its entry on December 11, 2008 as a web browser, is now the third most widely used browser with 20.65% worldwide usage share of web browsers. Similar to other browsers, Chrome also has many extensions. Google Chrome Extensions are small programs that modify the Google Chrome browser. These extensions are written using web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. There are over 2,200 extensions published by developers. The following are the main among them:
  • Fireshot: If you love to optimize your landing page, an extension called fireshot can help you. This handy extension lets you take whole page screen shots, save them to your desktop, open in an image editor or even spring up a built in image editor complete with annotation tools.
  • It is a URL shortening service. Using this, you can abridge the URLS of your site and can easily paste it in social sites.
  • Mouse Stroke: Mouse Stroke helps to reduce the time used to open any program without taking much time (right click + down stroke each link = new tab)
  • Link Clump: This is an easier way compared to Mouse Stroke. All you have to do here is hit shift + right click and draw a box around the links you want to open in new tabs.
  • Page Rank: The Chrome extension Page Rank shows you the PR and Alexa rank for web pages you visit.
  • Downloads: Downloads extension puts a button next to your address bar, giving you a direct access to your downloads list.
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