Google+ in 15 Minutes a Day

Google has come up with a new social networking website called Google + to compete with other main social media sites such as FaceBook and Twitter. For search marketers, social media is a great value. People can acquire great revenue from it.

Group people by adding them in different circles

Google+ has got simple visualization and animations and this makes circles easily visible. This is not found in Facebook or Twitter. Circles helps you in managing time by easily letting you know about friends and family members. This helps you managing your followers and save time. You can group your followers into different circles according to there:
  • Interests
  • Industry/ Job
  • Activity Level
  • Country or time zone
  • Likelihood to engage
Their can be many such lists made and most important thing is how everyone is managing there time. Another important thing to notice is that, when you are running short of time, chat with people whom you are sure about replying. They can be your close friends, fans or any other personalities. Social media goes in real time and it can also alienate people to rewind a lot. In Google+ the conversation structure is easy to understand when compared with Twitter. The grouping of friends and other members in circles can easily find people and also save lot of time searching them. Google+ has made its total structure very much user friendly and also in such a manner that it can attract more people towards it. Our social media marketing packages can really help you to get more audience there by more business while creating a brand impact. Call us for free consultation.