Google+ Introduces Suggested User List

Google + VP of Product Bradley Horowitz tweeted a few days ago that the service would be piloting a suggested user mechanism and have all of his followers on Twitter which exceeds 100,000 to contact him. In his Tweet Bradley Horowitz said that “We’re about to pilot a ‘suggested user’-like mechanism on Google+. If you’ve got more than 100k followers on Twitter, DM me – let’s talk!” It appears that some users are already seeing the feature. This one feature has got mixed responses from the users Heavy Google+ user Robert Scoble writes, “Google+ has already turned on the suggested user list. Sign in as a new user and you’ll see the new suggested users list. My look at this list? It’s of active people. Looks a little algorithmic and a little human chosen.” “It’s an improvement over previous suggestions,” he says. “At least it’s not suggesting users who don’t put anything into Google+.” There were also some criticisms. San Francisco Chronicle blogger Zennie Abraham suggested the list fosters racial stereotypes.Abraham wrote, “The Google Suggested User List reads like the typical San Francisco Bay Area tech firm’s view of the World: most of the ‘interesting and famous people’ are white, and if they’re black, they’re male rappers or athletes. Hello, Snoop Dog, Chamillionaire, 50 Cent, Dwight Howard, and Floyd Mayweather!” Keeping aside all these immediate criticisms, this feature is introduced to be helpful for the users to continue to find new reasons to keep using Google+. Our social media marketing packages can really help you to get more audience there by more business while creating a brand impact. Call us for free consultation.