Google is now Two Steps Ahead

According to the Google’s Official Blog, they have introduced two new features that will increase the transparency of search advertising as well as offer Google’s users options concerning what ads put on view. The two new features, the “Why these ads” and the “Ads Preferences Manager,” will make users able to know why Google feels an ad is relevant to them and also permit users to prevent certain advertisers from targeting them in Gmail and search results. Susan Wojcicki, Google’s Senior VP of Advertising, says, “Our advertising system is designed to show the right ad to the right person at the right time. Over the coming weeks, we’re making improvements to provide greater transparency and choice regarding the ads you see on Google search and Gmail. Soon, you’ll be able to learn more about these ads by clicking the ‘Why these ads’ link next to ads on Google search results and Gmail.” “Why these ads” link next to the ad in Google provides an explanation on why the user was served that specific ad. In addition, if the ad was personalized on the basis of geographic location, other search queries, language and other factors, Google will inform the user. “Ads Preferences Manager,” on the other side allows the user to block an advertiser and turn off personalized ads. If a user blocks an advertiser’s ad, that user will never see ads from that specific advertiser. Google also indicates that an ad being blocked by users will have no direct impact on either Quality Score or Ad Rank. When a user blocks personalized ads, it is still possible to reach that user, but targeting is not as effective. Google hopes that these two new features could pipe down the critics and lawmakers, who have been demanding that Google become more transparent. Google Adwords hands down the most targeted form of advertising. Check our Google Adwords services for succesful online search traffic.
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