Google Launches New Way to Get Googlebot Crawl Your Pages

Google has launched a new way to submit updated pages and URL’s. Site owners can speed up the process of getting Google to know about their new pages. This new method is limited and does not guarantee that Google will index your page. But it does help you to get important pages to be crawled right away. Google uses different methods to find pages to crawl. After it learns about URLs through these methods it will arrange the URLs according to their priority based on the overall value of the page, PageRank and also how often the content is updated. Google discovers your pages based on links. You can submit a list of URLs to search engines like Google and Bing by using the XML sitemap protocol. The search engine will add this list to its crawl scheduling system. Also there is an ‘Add URL’ option that allows anyone to request Google to add a URL to its index. You have to keep in mind that it does not crawl every page that it discovers and does not index every page that it crawls. Although XML sitemaps is the best way to submit a complete list of URLs to Google the new feature known as ‘fetch as Googlebot’ is particularly useful when you have a new set of pages to launch or a major update to your site. With this feature you can simply request Google to consider indexing a page after you fetch it. Using Fetch as Googlebot you can submit up to 50 URLs a month. Our SEO services can help you with an extensive optimization of your website for better search results at the search engines.  
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