Google Opens up its Alchohol Policy

Happy Halloween, everyone. As beer enthusiasts should know, this is the perfect day to enjoy a nice bottle of pumpkin ale, and thanks to a recent policy change at Google, advertisers are much more likely to point the fact out. The search giant, you see, is now permitting beer, champagne, and wine ads. The ads – which have been given a “Non-FamilySafe status” – are popping up all over related results pages. Ads for hard alcohol and liqueurs are not – they’re still banned.
Google Alcohol Wine Ads On Google
Still, the policy adjustment is a rather huge step. It comes not long after Google began allowing gambling ads in the UK, and so it seems that a new air of permissiveness is making its way through the corporation. Or a touch of greed, at least. It’s almost hard to imagine how many advertisers have been wanting to promote these products and services, and with the economy getting tough, Google might be relaxing its standards. Anyway, a hat tip goes to Taylor Pratt, and we’ll keep an eye out for more policy changes. Lastly, good luck if you haven’t yet located any pumpkin ale.