Google Panda vs. Duplicate Content

The greatest challenge faced by any website or blog is the quality of the content published in it. Creating genuine and high quality content takes a lot of time after researching and editing. So the most obvious option followed by website owners is to buy content from external professional sources. This may include PR writing agencies, freelancers or copywriters who create fresh content or rework the existing ones to fit your requirement.

With the recent launch of the Google Penguin update, the importance of high quality genuine content has increased manifold. This makes it a bad idea to use bought content as it may lead to content duplication in Google’s eyes. This results in too many websites with more or less the same content occupying top positions in search results, giving the end users a poor experience. So Google, with its stricter policy, will lower the rankings of such sites which is not something you are looking forward to.

But what if you come up with a really good content after spending lot of time and energy on it? What if your genuine content gets stolen and reproduced by others? This will again result in duplication of content even though it was copied without your permission and also a complete waste of time and energy spent in creating that content. So the best practice is to come up with a unique content and most importantly, to make sure that you have a copyright symbol below your content. This will give an indication that your content is copyright protected and you are very particular about it. There may also be instances when people contact you for permission to use your content. You need to really think harder and decide whether to let them use your content. You could also use Copyscape, which is a great tool to check if anyone has copied your current webpage content.

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