Google Penguin Update

Has any of your websites been hit by Google Penguin lately?  It’s very similar to Google Panda 3.4 but is giving penalties heavily on those who are purchasing links from link directories or blog networks.  Over 800k websites have been effected in the past month between Panda and Penguin.  Penguin is also dropping the hammer on keyword stuffing and over abuse of small keywords for anchor text in such a short period of time.  Since getting back in Google’s good graces is not an over night fix, the quickest things to do are below. 1. De link any purchased links that you may have. 2. Resubmit your site via webmaster tools if you are certain you have taken measures to fix this, and explain that you were not participating in any unnatural link building schemes. 3. Write more diversified content with diversified anchor text.  Keyword stuffing is a big no no in Google Penguin and more sites are feeling the effect. 4. Utilize Google + and social networks as much as possible as they will create natural links back to your site.   Overall, these practices aren’t entirely new but if you stick to a diversified plan and come up with consistent diversified relevant content, you will naturally climb the organic latter.
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