Google PPC or Facebook PPC?

There is always a question asked whether Google Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising or Facebook Pay Per Click advertising is more effective. Even though many prefer Facebook PPC, both have merits as well as demerits. Let us check the merits and demerits of each:

Google PPC

  • Advantages: It brings more general traffic as a large network of websites display Google ads through the company’s Adwords program. Also, this system has an elaborate analytics by which you can set goals and check the efficiency of campaigns easily. As YouTube is owned by Google, you can combine your PPC programs with YouTube campaigns.
  • Disadvantages: As there are enormous merits in Google advertising, it can be quite expensive too. Being an advertiser, you may not know much about the personal details of the users that you’re advertising to. Competitors are able to slow down your budget by clicking on your ads continuously. Despite of all merits, Google PPC is very complex and requires a lot of constant attention.
  • Advantages: Advertising in Facebook can be targeted as the users have submitted a lot of information while joining Facebook. The ads of Facebook are much cheaper and very easy to set-up and run. Competitors will not target you much as your ads appear on profile pages of users.
  • Disadvantages: The interface of Facebook is not always user friendly. It is best for B2C ad campaign and is not an ideal choice for B2B campaigns. Users prefer to stay on Facebook rather than moving into some external websites and so only if your Facebook page has high standard, you can get more traffic.


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