Increase Search Engine Ranking With Google+

Increase search engine ranking with Google+. Within a couple months of launching Google+, so many changes have happened. A product from the search engine giant Google, Google + is the hottest topic of discussion in the tech world. Within 2 weeks of launch, it achieved 10 million users. The launch of Google+ was covered by media well and as a result its entry can truly be called ‘one-of-a-kind’. People were waiting for invites, making interesting cartoons and animations (infographics) were shared.

You can use Google+ as a tool to increase your traffic as well as visibility of your business. If you wish to get a higher social media reach, the social networking site of Google can do it for you. The method is very simple: just add people to your Google+ circle. Google allowed brands to start Social Profile only recently. So only a few of the brands were available for direct connections through Google. It was possible to connect with brands in Google Social Search if you followed brand profiles on Twitter, Facebook or some other ways. But now brands are getting a potential boost in Google’s search results through Plus.

Being a brand on Google plus means people can make a direct connection with you. This is certainly going to result in giving you a better search positioning. Also, an entirely separate Google +1 program allows anyone to indicate that they like a page directly to Google. Thus, gaining +1s can help improve your ranking for those who have directly +1ed your content, as well as for those they are connected to.

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