Google Voice Allows you to Change your Number

Google Voice has just announced a new feature—the ability for current users to change their Google Voice number. Sure, this feature is currently limited to those lucky enough to actually have received an invitation, but at the same time I am sure there are plenty of original GrandCentral users who are feeling the need for an updated number. The process to change your number is quick and easy, although it does require you to pay a one time fee of $10. Anyway, assuming the $10 fee does not scare you away, then log in to your Google Voice account and go to Settings -> Phones. Once there you will see your current Google Voice number listed towards the top, with the word “Change” on the right side. If you click on the word “Change” you will be given the opportunity to change your number to something that better suits you. Google even allows for a bit of personalization and preference when it comes to finding a new number. You can search by entering a specific ZIP code and or a word for a vanity number.