Google’s Criteria of Ranking Social Networks and Communities

Here you are presented with a bit of insight into The Ranking criteria of Google with different rank objects in social networks. This is based on the patent application published from Google that can help you with a hint at social network from Google. The important objects include communities, Forums, Members, Postings, Blogs, Photographs, Albums, Media files, Articles and Documents. Ranking different social network objects was invented by Qingshan Luo, Hang Cui, Bo Zhang, and Dong Zhang and published on January 27, 2011. This mainly focus on how to rank these objects when it is found on social network sites based on the type of object that is used. While looking at a web page, a blog post or a new article, the search engines are surely to look for the count on certain keywords that appear in that document. It identifies the number of pages link to those pages and also some other things that help to rank. Social networks can even go with some other set of things like the number of friends or fans they have or the number of profile views and even the profile picture comes into play. A forum post is judged on the basis of number of replies and number of views, the time of reply or view and the authenticity of these replies. A community in a social network site is ranked with different the posts, it looks for the pagerank of each individual posts within that community, and the total number of posts. Know more about the online business marketing solutions provided by Gazelle, a result-oriented search engine marketing company.    
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