Google’s New Contest: International Adwords Ad Tips

There is a post from Google AdWords representative Mini, a contest in the Google AdWords Help forum for all the advertisers to win Google Schwag. The contest is all about posting some of your best tips for advertising internationally within the AdWords ad market.

Mini said:

“What are some tips for international advertising? What works well and what doesn’t? What are some of the must-dos? Share your best practices on ‘International Advertising’ and receive some cool Google schwag. Early birds and best answers will be highlighted!” The discussion is quite interesting with good number of participants. There are many tips posted at the discussion forum and there are many interesting tips as well. We have two great tips so far, one is how to structure your AdWords campaigns to differentiate between countries and the second is a tip on how to add country specific information to your ad descriptions and titles. You can go through the entire discussion here:   Google AdWords is the most targeted form of Advertisement. Gazelle can help you to have the most targeted advertisements for your website.
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