Guidelines on How to Get More Out Of Your Search Ad Campaign

A study by Google showed that the search engine advertising combined with SEO can result in an incremental lift in search ad clicks. The key to a successful search engine advertising campaign optimizing other areas of your online presence can also contribute to your search campaign performance and this is an important part of getting more leads. Here are some guidelines which can ensure you on getting the most out of your advertising campaign.

Optimize Your Home Page

To drive more conversions, you must create an effective home page for your search advertising campaign i.e., when a consumer visits your home page, they should immediately see your primary conversion path. In general, your home page should always clearly direct your visitors and simply communicate the benefit of your business.

Take Your Web Presence to Mobile

Including a mobile component in your search advertising campaign and developing a mobile ready website are essential for driving mobile searches to your business. More people now search for your local business on a mobile device, and if your business is not visible via mobile, you could miss many potential customers.

Convert New Leads with Remarketing

Getting traffic to your website through search advertising is great, but if they don’t convert the first time they visit, remarketing is an effective way to re-engage them once they leave your site. By using remarketing technology and targeted display ads, visitors who leave your landing page will see your ads as the surf the Internet, which reminds them of your brand, and directs them back to your site. Recapturing these lost prospects with remarketing can extend your search advertising campaign and help boost more conversions.

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