Gulf Stream Gear: Case Study

This client sells custom boat lettering and apparel online in nationally targeted campaigns.  Gazelle took over this account in February of 2008.  From Feb ’08 to Jan’09 we have driven 127,403 visits to the site, 1,594 produced sales; the average cost per sale is $37.78.  The clients average sale is $175 and up, making Adwords very profitable. Due to the clients industry sales tend to slow in the winter months. .  During the holiday season a special holiday campaign has been created for the client.  To increase sales we focus on Boating, Yachting, and Fishing gifts tailoring keyword and ad text to holiday sales.  In December 2009 we drove 10,068 visits, 162 of which made a purchase at an average of $31.98 per sale.  In the winter months we change our focus to promoting the clients trade shows.  This drives traffic and sales for the client at these trade shows.  We also work closely with the client on web improvement and design.  To ensure his website is up to date, functioning properly and user friendly. Our Advertising is responsible for over 80% of the sites overall traffic. :
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