Improving your website’s ranking without getting penalized by Google is an extremely challenging task. Google’s search engine considers a variety of methods to determine which pages are displayed first in the results, and SEO experts know that well. Google is strict with its regulations and guidelines, and any wrong move can make your website completely disappear from the search engine. Once the website is penalized, it takes a lot of time and a good amount of effort to return to the initial state. If you don’t want the website to end up plummeting in the search results, you should adopt the best practices to avoid that. High quality and engaging content key to improve your rankings As you know, Google’s secret for their search rankings is Content Quality Score, for which you should start creating engaging content on a daily basis. If the blog post is valuable and engaging, the number of shares and comments will increase considerably. The comments will not go unnoticed by the search engines and the website will benefit from higher rankings. Blog commenting is extremely important, as it is one of the factors that Google uses to rank a web page. If your previous blog post was able to get a lot of comments, it is likely that your next blog post will bring, more or less, the same amount of comments. Black-hat activities increase the risk of getting penalized by Google If you think black hat methods will improve your website rankings, then you are mistaken. Black hat activities will not get you anywhere; instead , your website will get penalized for trying any of them. Buying links, exchanging links, duplicating content or copying content, keyword stuffing, overuse of anchor text, overusing H1 tag and getting links from malicious websites are some of the black hat methods used by many users. They cannot get away with it, as Google has a number of automatic algorithms that can detect their black-hat methods. Your money and efforts should be channelized towards guest blogging, blog commenting and attaining natural links. Being active on social media can help get better visibility Web pages with more social shares and engagement benefit from high rankings. This is because, social media pages that offer valuable content or posts create real engagement. If your website has good social engagement, you need not worry about Google penalizing your website. In order to detect viral content or news, Google makes use of social signals. To get more shares, writing engaging posts alone is not enough. You should engage on all the major social media channels, share others’ posts and join industry relevant blogging communities. It is instrumental to be effectively active in the web sphere in order to achieve a high level of business growth in today’s world. We follow industry best practices to increase your page rankings. Contact our internet marketing experts at 888-814-8599 to help you align all your SEO and social media activities, to achieve the best possible outcome.