How to Improve Your Page Rank? – The Current Trends

The search engine optimization is a day to day changing field. Trends which are relevant and working today are not there a few months from now. So we have to be up to date on what is going on and will have to change our strategy accordingly.

Following are some of the current SEO trends that are working well for ranking:

Quality content Pages with good content are always favored by search engines and can hugely lift the site. Without quality content, everything else seems irrelevant, no matter how hard you try to optimize your website.

Using Long Tail Keywords: Long tail keywords are the best method to drive in more traffic to your website. Rather than focusing on broad keywords such as “mobile development”, using keywords such as “mobile development for small businesses” should be used.

Social Networking Social networking websites are where all your customers are right now. So apart from regular ranking factors, search engines also consider how popular a page is in social media. A great number of Facebook shares, likes, tweets may help to increase your page rank.

Increasing the Link Velocity Every internet marketer has his own strategy for link building. Some build the same amount of links constantly every day, while others concentrate their efforts for a week in the entire month. It is good to build links constantly.

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