How to Recover From Panda Update – Google Slap

Recently Google rolled out Panda Update which has left webmasters in confusion on its impact on their websites. The Panda update is mainly aimed at reducing the rank of those websites which offer low quality or duplicate content which provide no value to visitors. Simultaneously the new update also improves the rank of those websites offering original, good quality content including research information and news. If your site has been hit by the panda update, then here are some tips which you must try to get your site back on the right track.

Use Quality Content

The importance of quality content has only grown more due to the recent Panda update. Along with using relevant anchor texts, also use LSI (Latent Symantec Indexing) words in your content to help Google understand what your content is really speaking about.

Remove Irrelevant Pages from Google Search

Always give more preference to your most important pages than the rest. It is of not much use to have your low quality pages in search results as it might lead Google to consider your website as a content farm.

Remove Quality Content

It’s time to remove all those low quality content from your website. Google is really taking low quality content as a serious issue. You should either convert those low quality posts into high quality posts or remove them from your website.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is another issue which Google is tracking seriously. If you have any of your content cross posted on other domains or even in your same domain, too much duplicate content will result in your site getting hammered by Google. Make sure that your website does not contain any duplicate content.

Social media Impact

Always make use of the social media to the maximum extent. Google Plus ranks and social media bookmarking helps a lot in gaining better ranks. Using twitter & FB will help your content reach more audience within shorter time.

External Links

If you are someone who offers to sell paid links or do paid reviews, then you better be careful. A links from your website to a bad website is going to affect your rankings in a big way. So stop promoting those crappy websites and if in any case it becomes inevitable to link to a bad external website, use the no follow attribute.

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