How to Target Mobile Devices Using Mobile Search and PPC


Almost half of the total web access takes place from mobile devices, and it is obvious that by the end of next year, mobiles will surpass desktop computers when it comes to connectivity. Searching on a mobile device is a completely different experience altogether when compared to searching on a desktop. The keyword, the format of the results page, user intentions and user experience etc. are not the same. Keeping this in mind, a whole new set of practices need to be followed to target mobile PPC searchers.

Mobile PPC Keywords

When mobile devices today come with the capability to make searches voice commands, you should be very careful with your strategy. Broad match keywords have special importance here as mobile users frequently end up in misspells though the average search query length remains the same as the desktops. Users are also more likely to use their mobiles to make queries that may require instant answers and hence it is a good idea to use action-oriented keywords to target them.

Ad Extensions

Ad extensions lets users directly reach you with a call button displayed right beneath the meta description. This allows a user to call you even without visiting your website. Another cool thing you should try is the location extension. These extensions are very helpful for searches done from mobile seeking instant solutions.

Mobile Ads

A major chunk of mobile searches are on local business search. So tailor fit your ads for mobile searchers and lead them to your landing pages using attractive mobile optimized ads.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are crucial when it comes to mobile. Are your landing pages optimized for mobile devices? Responsive web design is the best solution here so that irrespective of the device, the web page gets displays on the device in the best possible way.


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