How to Use Adwords Express?

Sometimes I wonder what Google thinks?   For those of you that wonder how to get those neat little reviews next to your Adwords ad, it’s not that simple!  You have to set this up thru your Google Places account using Adwords Express.  The main advantage of Adwords Express is that it’s primarily for the layman.  You set up your ad, you put in your zip code and select a category an Adwords does the rest.  The fact that the reviews are so powerful in local ppc marketing, yet you can’t link the reviews inside the actual Adwords interface, boggles my mind.  You can have the most elaborate robust Adwords campaign built and yet you are losing significant amounts of traffic to some rookie who set up an Adwords Express account, merely because the reviews are linked to his ads.  Sound off if you have complaints or any ideas and suggestions.. We know the proper way to do this and run both in conjunction, so hit us up if you would like some help!