How to Use Keywords for SEO

For best results in search engine optimization for your website, the keywords play the most important role.  They are the focal point on which the optimization process is based on. There are many keyword tools available in the market providing you with valuable information on the current trends, search results etc. Go through them and choose the ones which are more applicable to your SEO needs.

The most commonly used search engine tools are the free ones offered by Google, MSN etc. These are more reliable as it is these search engines for which you are trying to optimize your site. It gives a great deal of information such as the popularity of a keyword and also regarding advertising based on these keywords too. Google Adwords is an example which helps you to save a lot of money in advertising by choosing low cost keywords.

While using keywords, make sure that they are sufficiently long and specific rather than a short and common keyword. This helps you to target your prospective customers specifically than just bringing in lot of unrelated traffic. The keyword density best suited for articles are about 3 – 5 %. Always ensure that you do not stuff your articles with keywords as this might have a negative impact as search engines tend to blacklist those sites which they suspect to be cheating. Also choose those topics that are actually related to your business. This will help you get back links from other related websites as well, which is a great way to improve ranking.

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