Importance of Back links in SEO

If you own a website for business purpose, then surely you will be familiar with the term “back links.” A back link is a link from one website to a page on another website. They are the most essential part of any SEO service. Search engines give more importance to those sites which have more number of back links. The more the backlines to a website, the higher the website will be ranked by search engines.

While ranking websites, search engines do not consider all the back links as the same. Those back links which originate from an authority website are given more value than those from a relatively new website with fewer hits. Though all back links are counted, it is always desirable to obtain back links from a reputed or higher ranked website. Also back links from a website that has similar content like yours, then search engines prefer them more than the back links originating from unrelated contents.

There are many ways to generate back links to a website.  The best and the most preferred way is to post contents related to your niche on various websites, blogs etc and include one or two relevant keywords in them.   Many forums provide an option to use your signature at the bottom of each post. You could use this option to obtain a back link. Online directories, article directories also could be used for getting back links.  Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter etc can also be used to generate a lot of back links.

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