Importance of Visual Content in Social Media

Importance of Visual Content in Social Media

If you take a look at the trend these days, the internet is becoming more visually oriented than it was 10 years, ago. The modern social media networks have given way to an upsurge in the usage of visual elements. The following points prove the importance of visual content in social media:

  • Pinterest and Tumblr allow the usage of image based contents rather than plain text.
  • Of course, Facebook, the highest hitter, is found to have more engagement on image-based posts rather than posts that contain only text.
  • Twitter also has an increased number of re-tweets and clicks on tweets that contain images.

If you have been experiencing a reduction in the overall engagement on your social media accounts, it is high time you need to think of using images to drive attention. Images are the most powerful tools in social media that effectively communicate with your customers. Images speak a lot and can be easily shared via social profiles; paramount in engaging with the audience. Use of creative images in your blog or those shared via social media will definitely impact on the number of followers you have.

From where could I get images?

While choosing images, make sure these are royalty-free images that can be shared without any legal consequences. Check for image sources that provide copyright-free images where some of them charge a fee to grant license while some others are available for free. Your creative thoughts will help you to generate awesome graphics using these images that can be used along with the content on your website, to obtain increased traffic.

Make use of such customized images every time you post articles that are relevant to your website. You will find the visual magic that it generates in the form of increased traffic!  For more information on image sharing and other social media marketing techniques, talk to the expert consultants at the best SEO company in Florida, Gazelle Interactive! Call 888-814-8599 now!