Jumpstart your Link Building with 3 Effective Ways

Most of the people like to start with link building for their website but don’t know how exactly to do this. Some people even think marketing is all about creating some kind of sizzle just to get attention and links. For the short term this might be the case but won’t work when it comes to setting up of long term planning of business. Being clever and controversial will bring attention but this does not help to build trust, respect or increase the value of your service which is most important to get links and business. Here are some of the most foundational yet highly effective tactics that can be used to jumpstart link building:
  • Refer & Recommend: Getting recommendations and endorsements from some of the important industry experts can eliminate the very necessity of selling yourself and is the best way to get business in general to link to you. If this is your point of view, it can help you to concentrate all your efforts on getting links from the power players in your niche rather than going for some reciprocal links or buying site-wide ads. You can even create a company advisory board and invite all the important personalities of your industry to be a part of it.
  • Show and Tell: If you are here to offer a service or product give away something that is valuable in exchange for the link. Move away from the very mindset that you must swap a link for a link and offer a free or lite version of your product as the incentive instead.
  • Expose Yourself: Explore some alternatives in addition to doing some standard press release submissions. Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper, podcast, blog, periodical or trade publication in your niche about some relevant issue in your industry.
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