Key SEO mistakes to avoid

In order to withstand the fierce online competition, companies should be willing to adopt digital marketing trends. With new changes to search, now the search engine has enhanced the search experience in a significant way. It becomes very challenging for SEO professionals as they should figure out what works and what doesn’t. SEO practices that were once rewarding are now defunct. No matter what you do, make sure you don’t make the mistakes mentioned below. Starting without a plan: It is must that you have a solid plan and attainable goals, before you begin. Research for relevant industry keywords and make a list. Your initial list can have around 200 keywords and then you can filter it to 50 keywords, depending on the relevance and effectiveness. Testing and measuring the keywords are as important as analyzing them. Ignoring on-site content strategy: To get ranked, it is necessary to have good and quality content. Factors like quantity and quality of inbound links to the page, quantity and quality of social signals linking to the page, grammar and spelling on the page, length of content and use of subheads are considered by Google while distinguishing high quality content from low quality content. In order to create an on-site content strategy, you should be able to create quality content. Use Infographics, educational or informational content and internal data to elevate the effectiveness of the content. Dismissing mobile traffic: When it comes to search engine rankings, Google will favor mobile friendly websites. Mobile traffic is sure to beat desktop traffic and if you ignore this, you are missing out on a great opportunity. If you want to reap better results, by effectively managing the mobile search performance use Mobile SEO. Concentrating only on keywords: Focusing only on the keywords is not a good SEO practice and SEO professionals should refrain from doing it. While creating content, one should consider the topics and use the keywords wisely. You should measure the content instead of the keywords. SEOs now give attention to relevance, credibility, timeliness and quality over quantity. Not devoting enough time and budget: If you have started an SEO initiative, don’t stop too soon. This is because, in online marketing return on your investment increases with time. SEO is not a short-term approach, it is a long-term one. Low-priced SEO services are not rewarding and it could generate negative results. A good SEO effort will help businesses to enhance personal brand through guest blogging, engagement in social media marketing and execution of a quality content strategy. To get the best outcome from SEO, online marketers should avoid these mistakes. Since, online marketing is too complex and vast, you would need professional help. At Gazelle Interactive we have a qualified team to take care of all your online marketing needs.
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