Know How to Create Effective Mobile-friendly Content

Mobile revolution is here, and if you fail to engage your audience on their mobile devices you miss out on great opportunities. In the U.S., the number of people visiting websites through their mobile device is increasing. A user who visits your website on their mobile for the first time should be encouraged to stay longer. Your mobile website should be designed in such a way that it enhances the user experience and the content stands out. Mobile have become the primary screen for content consumption and therefore it is essential to understand the different ingredients that help to create effective mobile-friendly content.

Understand the user’s browsing habits: Social networking, emailing, text messaging, searching for information online are the various activities people do with their mobile devices. Like mobile phones, tablets are also used to engage in different activities. Watching videos, playing games and social networking are the favorite activities of tablet users. If you understand the user’s browsing habits, you can target your content accordingly.

Responsive and touch-friendly design

One of the benefits of having a responsive design is that the user is directed to a special mobile site where the content is automatically adjusted to the mobile device. Content is positioned in such a way that it pleases your eye. Reading the content and navigating to other web pages becomes easy. If the mobile is not touch friendly, then the visitor is unlikely to return to your website. Here are some ways to make your make your mobile site touch friendly.

  • Use touch-friendly aspects such as carousels, accordions, panels and drawers.

  • Choose alternatives to hovers like links to other webpages on the site. Add more relevant pages to your website.

  • Use a translucent user interface for some elements on your site so that the users will know that there’s additional content behind them.

  • Choose large font sizes for textual content. If your webpage contains links, use a different size and colour for them so they would be easier to read and click.

  • Use colourful and large buttons so that adult fingers can easily touch

  • Ensure there is space between different touch targets in your content so that the user can access social media buttons, links and call to action buttons.

  • To make your content readable and easily visible, use negative space

Unique clickbait headlines

When you create headlines, use 5-8 words. The headlines you choose should be relevant to the topic and attractive. Those who visit mobile sites are looking for important details like address, contact number and business hours, make those details easily available. Create your content in such a way that all the important pieces of information are positioned on top of the website.

If your mobile site is not receiving the required amount, you might want to improve your content strategies. At Gazelle interactive, we know how to create mobile-friendly content, talk to our professionals for expert advise! Call 888-814-8599 now!