Know the Changes of Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social media available. You get to know various information and updates of the items you love to hear. Twitter is still making changes to make your life easier. You have to know them that may make the things better for you. One of the recent changes of the Twitter was the pins Promoted Tweets. These were seen near the top of the user stream without considering when it actually hit. The tweet continues as normal once anyone views the stream. Users at this point can select to dismiss the tweet with a single click. By this the twitter users can see Promoted Tweets of the brand they love to hear. This could help a particular user who is looking for a great deal for a product or say to get a coupon to buy his favorite products. So be ready with the tweets you love, that come in your search results. Talking about the search results, Twitter also upgraded their search engine result retrievals. In the past people used the instead of the usual search box. It resulted in a better selection of data, fast loading way and results showing in a uncluttered way. Twitter shows the results on the left and details on the right. There is other plug-ins that helps the users to enjoy the information. Users can now watch linked videos right on the page which is more effective. One of the recommendations is that they could add a drop-down to eliminate Tweets that aren’t in my chosen language. Hope you are aware with the changes that Twitter introduces, if you are a Twitter fan. Make the most out of the changes that happen out there. Our Social Media Marketing Services are capable of bringing out the best results within a short time period of time. Talk to our consultants today!