Local SEO & Optimizing for Mobile Search

Local SEO

Smartphones have emerged as a one stop solution for entertainment to education to shopping and everything in between.  Studies reveal that about 40% of web searches are accessed from mobile devices. Dear business owners, if you haven’t already done it, it’s high time to optimize your local presence as searches with local intent performed on a mobile device can be as high as 40%, which is something you wouldn’t want to ignore.


There are several things that need to be considered in local and mobile search. Check out these before you get started.

On-page optimization

The most important factor one that needs your attentions is on page optimization to design & craft your page for your targeted location. And make sure you have a responsive web design, which is quintessential these days to make sure you don’t lose out on a prospect just because your well designed web page is not loading properly on their devices.

Local Listings

Create a profile for your company on Google+ & Google Places for Business. This is important as Google have repeatedly made clear that social signals do play a role in visibility of your business in search. Also get your business listed in top local business directories. Reviews and recommendations that are cited at Yelp, Foursquare, Trip Advisor etc. are seriously counted by search engines and is a critical factor in SERP.

Keyword Research

As the number of mobile users is increasing day by day, new keyword patterns have emerged. It is a good idea to target for commonly misspelled keywords too as it is a common problem in touch enabled mobile devices.


Local Search depends heavily on NAP Citations, which is nothing but Name, Address and Phone Number. Place these citations the best way possible, because this is highly important for users who are most probably searching for an emergency need, nearby.

Structured Data

Rich snippets generated with structured data are ideal for mobile devices, which eventually can help dominate mobile SERP. There are particular types of structured data formats which are helps to optimize for local search.

Social Media

Google+ is the most rewarding social media for Local Search, since it’s integrated to the Google+ local listings with Google Maps. Facebook is the next most used for local search after Google Maps. Make sure that you have business pages on Google+ and Facebook. Obviously, social media presence in other networks like Twitter will also give a boost for your business.


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