Local SEO: Why its Important & What You Should Know!


Google owns the maximum share of all internet searches done all overt world, across devices. The search engine giant has been for sometime focusing on local search & their intention is evident from the integration of their local search with the Android operating system. Google is using the Android user’s search behavior data that has been recorded for years, to make the local search result entirely different from the general search.

How local search is different from regular search?

Local search queries are treated differently by Google to make sure that they help the users by providing relevant & accurate information. Most of the search engine optimization policies that work for the regular search needs to be improvised in order to make sure that your website is optimized for local search. So how do we achieve this? the following points will give you an idea on how your website could be optimized better or local search results.

Local search relies on physical location

Local search result relies on physical location of the user. According to Google, for a website to be included in the local search results, it should be linked to a physical location. Based on the location of the user & the query made, Google pulls in search results that is geographically nearer to the user, assuming that would help the user better.

Importance of Local Carousel

Unlike regular search, local search often includes a “Carousel” at the top of the page. A Carousel is nothing but a visual display of the businesses that are closer to the location of the searcher. Getting a business website positioned in local carousel offers higher traffic, conversion and click through rates because of its prime location in the search results page


To be included in the local carousel and to get ranked in local search algorithm, it is important to have quality online citations. Online citations include web directories like Yelp, Google places and Merchant Circle and also other review sites. These sites contain information on all the businesses within an area or industry. Having quality online citations ensures that Google recognizes the company as a genuine business.

Future of local SEO

The businesses and the SEOs should clearly understand the difference in local and regular search. Also they should be aware on how the end users will search for a product or service and adjust the efforts in marketing based to that information. With the number of mobile & tablet users growing every day, business firms should give due importance to their local SEO strategy.

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