Myths About Mobile SEO

With the advent of modern technologies, the use of mobile phones to access information over the internet has increased tremendously. There are many sites which create mobile versions of their websites. With the emergence of such mobile versions, there is a great demand of mobile SEO, to bring in more traffic. There are, however, a few myths about this mobile SEO that needs to be cleared.

Meta.txt File Is Mandatory

Meta.txt is a blend of sitemap and robot.txt that helps the mobile search engines to sort out the mobile content. It is a text file that resides in the root location of the server. If the web content is well indexed then presence of Meta.txt is irrelevant.

Necessary To Use .Mobi Domain

The use of a dotmobi TLD to create a new mobile site is not a mandatory step to follow. You may use many other alternatives like or any other popular building options. Though DotMobi is dedicated to content building it rather has nothing to do with SEO. Google has more indexed sites from the domain of

Sitemaps Are Indispensable

According to Google’s John Mueller, mobile sitemaps are not at all necessary to boost SEO ranking. At the time of indexing mobile content, sitemap has no roles to play. When you are concerned about indexing feature phone content then it is wise to use sitemaps to make Google aware of your web content. Apart from this role, it does not really provide even marginal help to attain high rank.

Mobile Users Prefer Shorter Queries

There have been many articles and blogs supporting the fact that mobile queries are shorter than the web queries. The reason behind this myth is that users find it uncomfortable to type on mobile devices and hence they opt for a short range of words to find what they are looking for. However, recent studies show that mobile queries are not significantly shorter compared to web queries.

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