New and Amazing Features From Facebook

Have you ever wondered if you could mail your company’s Facebook fan page to your friends? Well, now you have the option in Facebook. Next to ‘like’ button, there is the ‘send’ button. By this send button, you can mail or message the link to any of your Facebook Groups, your Facebook friends, or any standard email address. Or else, the Like button is designed to share your content with all Facebook friends; while the Send button is to share it to a particular set in them. This is a very logical step from Facebook as it helps in the following ways:

  • Only the friends you wish to inform will get the information
  • You can also email your friends outside Facebook circle
  • 50 sites are launching with the feature.

Apart from Send button, Facebook has come up with some other new features. First one is that it has introduced photo albums for groups too. Before, you could add only single picture. Now you can add albums, which is very unusual as it can be seen and commented only by group members. Another one is Facebook Questions. Through this, you can ask a question in a group. Finally, there is a new setting that will require group administrators to approve any new members who have been invited to join the group. Facebook says it has 50 million users. So get the maximum profit out of it.

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